How to Make a Garden Label Sign


Perennial, annual and biennial flowers are all ideal additions to any household, patio or landscape. Whether you plant them in planter pots or in the ground, it is important to remember what type of plants they are, the date planted, as well as proper care and watering for them. In order to keep track of your flowers, you can identify them with simple garden labels that you can personalize. Purchase waterproof labels or create them yourself, sticking them onto the planters or stuck in the ground near them.

Step 1

Figure out how you want to obtain the garden labels. You can make them, or purchase waterproof sticky back labels to secure to the pots. If you want to create labels at home, just make sure the materials are waterproof. You can create them with laminated paper, in different colors for different varieties.

Step 2

Write the garden flower's information on the label with a waterproof permanent marker or pen, clearly and simply. Write things to remember such as the exact variety name, date planted, care or watering instructions, or what companion plants it can be next to. For example, the herb basil and the flower marigold can be planted next to each other to help deter pests.

Step 3

Carefully place the garden labels onto the flower pots. Some labels may have an adhesive already applied, so just lay this onto a visible area on the planter pot and make sure there are no air bubbles behind it by smoothing it out.

Step 4

Use a stake garden label for labels that don't have adhesive or for plants in the ground. Secure the garden labels to a stake that is at least 1 foot tall with tape or clamps, at the very top of the stake. Stick the stake into the soil at least 2 inches deep. If it is in a planter pot, stick it as close to the inside wall of the flower pot, in the dirt.

Step 5

Personalize the labels as you see fit, with bright colors, glitter, embellishments such as faux butterflies, or stenciled patterns.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden labels
  • Permanent pen or marker
  • Wooden stakes
  • Materials to personalize labels (colored paper, embellishments, glitter, etc.)


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  • Homemade Rustic Lables
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