Trellis Ideas for the Patio

A trellis is the perfect structure to use for updating the look of your patio while adding splashes of colors around the space. Create a focal point using a trellis attached to the patio wall as a base for growing your favorite flowers. Tie in colors found around the garden onto the trellis to create a balanced design. Nestle a branch trellis along the patio space for a rustic design that lasts throughout the seasons.

Patio Garden

When you think of a vegetable garden you think of a large plot of land to use for planting your favorite vegetables. However, with a sturdy trellis, you can use your patio as your own private garden. Stake the trellis inside a large container filled with nutrient-laden soil. This will help to feed the vegetables as they begin growing in the container and up the trellis. Attach the trellis alongside the patio wall for extra support and as a an additional surface for growing the vegetables. If you don't have a patio wall, you can situate the trellis in a corner or anywhere that receives adequate sunlight for the vegetables. Plant creeping vegetables that will flourish up and over the trellis like sweet peas, cucumbers and tomatoes. As their tendrils begin to climb, loosely tie the new shoots along the trellis for added support.

Lovely Vines

Create a lush and vibrant trellis using creeping vines. There are many perennial vines, which sprout back each year healthier and fuller, that can be used to cover a patio trellis. A beautiful creeper, such as the creeping hydrangea ore rose, begin their blooms in the spring and last through the summer. Wisteria, another vibrant and vigorous vine, is an ideal plant to grow along the trellis and has a sweet scent when the cascading purple blooms are in season. Jasmine and grapevines are also magnificent vines that create an exotic feel to the porch and when fully covered, will help to create a privacy screen along the porch. Try using two or three trellises side-by-side along the porch for an entirely closed off area to use for dining and entertaining. Nestle the trellis "feet" into large containers so you can easily move them around for different designs or if the vine needs more or less sun, depending upon growing requirements.

Green Entry

At the entrance of your patio, nestle a trellis as the gateway to and from the area. Stand the trellis at the base of a set of patio stairs or along the patio border for a focal point to the area. Vigorous, hardy grape and kiwi vines will grow up and over the trellis to create an archway or portal into your patio space. Use an arching trellis made from branches and twigs for a rustic design and one that the vines will easily attach themselves to. Plant the vines in the dirt around the base of the trellis to grow up and over the structure. Add a string of outdoor lights around the trellis to light up at night to invite you into the charming patio space.

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