How to Identify Fruit & Peach Trees by the Leaves


Peach tree leaves are distinctive in their shape, size and texture. Peach tree leaves are long, slender, slightly puckered along the central vein and have an arching form that ends in a tapered point. Peach leaves unfurl in mid-spring after flowering and continue to expand in size, reaching up to six inches in length at maturity.

Step 1

Look for leaves with an arching crescent moon shape, mid to deep tone green and very fine, barely visible serrated leaf edges that are rough to the touch. Look for a leaf length of about six inches and a width of an inch to an inch and a half. Peach leaves will darken to a rich purple russet in the late summer and fall before dropping to the ground.

Step 2

Identify immature peach fruits by their olive shape, bright light green color and smooth, shiny skin. As the fruit matures look for light yellow hue, the formation of a thin white velvety coating and then a deep golden hue with purplish to red blushing at the bottom and sides of the fruit when fully ripe.

Step 3

Peach tree flowers appear in the spring with five to six very pale pink to blush pink or lavender petals surrounding the yellow-tipped stamens. Peach blossoms measure up to an inch and a half in diameter.


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