Affordable Home Landscaping Ideas

You don't have to break your budget to update the look of your outdoor landscape. Adding small touches here and there can brighten up the outdoor space and look of your home. Use plants and flowers with their bursts of colors and bright blooms to jazz up the space. For larger landscapes, add a focal point to your garden like a Japanese maple, which blooms every year. Enlivening your outdoor space with innovative ideas will allow your landscape to come to life.


Mulch is a very affordable landscaping accent to use around your gardens and flower beds. Buy in bulk to reduce the price even more and to ensure you have enough to cover the landscape. Mulch is available in different colors and types including, pine, cedar, straw and even chocolate mulch that smells delicious. Pine mulch is typically shredded bark with irregular bits and strips that is attractive when surrounding larger bushes like hydrangeas. Cedar chips, smaller-cut pieces of bark, are lovely around trees and shrubs or inside your perennial beds. Sprinkle the mulch anywhere you have newly-planted flowers and shrubs to help retain water, especially during the warm months. Use a dark mulch for an elegant look to your garden and one that contrasts with bright colors found in blooms and bulbs shooting up through the soil.

Solar Lights

Solar lights come in packs of four to eight and are very budget-friendly. Their longevity is impressive and ability to withstand the elements a great addition to any landscape. Use them to light up your garden path at night so your evening stroll is more enjoyable. Surround an outdoor arbor or pergola with solar lights for a warm glow. Nestle them within your perennial garden to light up the blooms and flowers. Remember to place the solar lights in direct sunlight at least four hours per day so their batteries can be fully charged to run at night. Easily moved around your landscape, test out the best spots for the lights and enjoy watching dusk turn into a magical glowing evening.


For more bang for your buck, plant perennials flowers and shrubs. Perennials are budget-friendly in that once you plant them in the soil, they will come back the following year larger and healthier. Invest in vigorous growing shrubs like butterfly bushes and peonies that will grow tall in a short period of time, adding a beautiful focal point to the landscape. Evergreen shrubs like cedar bushes and trees are especially perfect for your landscape because they remain their vibrant green color all year long and will flourish over time. Plant colorful perennial flowers like daylilies and coneflowers. Their vibrant orange and purple blooms light up the space and are a perfect long-lasting addition to your landscape.

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