How to Select Flowers for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is not just for lovers, it's a time when you can express your true feelings toward a dear friend or family member. Schoolchildren typically distribute small Valentine's cards, which ask the simple question, "Would you be my Valentine?" When you grow up and start sending flowers for Valentine's Day, you'll want to have a better understanding of what specific flowers may be saying. Asking someone to be your Valentine via a dozen long-stemmed red roses may be sending out a message you didn't intend.

Step 1

Choose a single red rose for that person who you are romantically involved with, yet the relationship is still new and a deep commitment is pending. On the flip side, a red rose can be given to your longtime lover, as a sign of rekindling the romance.

Step 2

Send a dozen red roses to your lover--this is always the classic floral greeting to tell someone you love them. Never send them to someone you have just started to date, unless you want them to know you desire a serious relationship.

Step 3

Learn the recipient's favorite flower if you don't want them to read anything overly romantic into the gift. If her favorite flower is a red rose, consider using it in an arrangement instead of delivering as long-stemmed roses.

Step 4

Send yellow roses to a dear friend. A dozen yellow roses represent good friendship, while a dozen long-stemmed red roses symbolize romantic love.

Step 5

Educate yourself about the meaning of flowers. For example, a red chrysanthemum says "I love you," while daisies represent innocence.

Step 6

Choose a spider flower if you are asking your Valentine to elope. Of course, unless your true love understands that a spider flower represents that sentiment, you will probably have to explain it!

Step 7

If you decide to send a flowering potted plant instead of cut flowers or a floral arrangement, look for a plant that has many buds that are about to open. Don't choose one that is in full bloom. Check under the leaves and flowers for signs of pests or disease.


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