How to Landscape With Native Plants in Midland, Texas


The land in Midland, Texas, is rolling with areas of red clay and stone along with abrupt changes or breaks where the soil changes to loose clay mixed with sand. The area is also very dry, which creates a challenge for the landscaper unless you are using native plants appropriate for Midland. Trees are scarce in the Midland area so your options are limited when it come to trees, but you have many choices of wildflowers for spring and fall color and several options for native grasses. Succulents like cactus and yuccas also put on an outstanding display when you use them to landscape with native plants in Midland.

Step 1

Make a list of native plants that you would like to use in your landscape. A list of plants native to Midland can be found in the resources section.

Step 2

Collect native plants by visiting a native plant nursery, obtaining them from friends and neighbors or ordering from a reputable source.

Step 3

Clear the area where you want to landscape of non-native plants by digging with a shovel and raking the area smooth.

Step 4

Locate appropriate areas of the landscape where the native plants you have chosen will live. For example, some plants may need more shade while other plants need full sun to thrive. Taller trees and shrubs are usually planted in the back of the landscape as a backdrop for other plants or near the house for shade. Don't block windows with taller plants so you can look out and enjoy your native landscape.

Step 5

Water the new native plants after they are planted so they can settle in and get established. You many need to water some plants, such as shrubs and trees, deeply every week for several months until they are established in the landscape.

Things You'll Need

  • Native plants appropriate for Midland, Texas
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Source of water


  • Sibley Nature Center: Suggested Plants for Midland
  • AGlife Extension: Midland County Extension
  • Aggie Horticulture: Texas native Plants Database

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  • Sibley Nature Center: Suggested Plants for Midland
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