How to Eliminate Dollar Weeds in Jasmine Plants


Dollar weeds in your Jasmine plants bed can be a frustrating problem. Dollar weed is just as prolific as it is stubborn. Simply pulling up the weed is rarely effective and you can't spray it with herbicides without killing your jasmine as well. But while dollar weed can be a frustrating problem, it isn't a permanent one. The best way to eliminate dollar weed is with a one-two punch: Uproot the existing weeds, and then discourage the next batch from taking root by making your jasmine bed an inhospitable place.

Step 1

Uproot dollar weed. The plants may be widespread, but their roots are small and shallow. Use a cultivator to dig up any plants and roots that you see. Take care when digging to avoid damaging your jasmine's root system.

Step 2

Add sugar. Spread table sugar (about 1 pound per 250 square foot of soil) over the soil. Then water the soil until all of the sugar has dissolved and seeped into the soil. After the sugar application, you may notice that a few dollar weeds will sprout but they will quickly die.

Step 3

Fertilize the soil. Dollar weeds thrive in poor soil and their presence is often a sign that your jasmine's soil is malnourished. Amend the soil by spreading 2 inches of aged organic compost over the soil in your jasmine bed. It will smother any remaining dollar weed roots and make the soil too rich for them to crop up again.

Things You'll Need

  • Sugar
  • Hand cultivator
  • Aged compost


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