Information on New Dawn Rose Bushes


New Dawn roses are a hybrid species that can be grown as an upright shrub or as a climbing vine. They are popular garden plants because of their excessive blooming and ease of care.


New Dawn rose bushes originated at the Somerset Rose Nurseries of New Brunswick in 1930. Shortly after, the plant was named "The World's Favourite Rose," and has remained popular ever since.


New Dawn rose bushes can grow to 15 feet in height and produce pink double blooms that continually flower throughout the blooming season. The flowers bloom repeatedly on both new and old wood.


Avid climbers, New Dawn roses can scale fences and trellises with minimal training. They can also be grown indoors and are easily pruned to maintain a desired size.


New Dawn rose bushes can be grown in partial shade or full sun, and thrive in well-drained, fertile soil. The plants require regular watering once per week to keep the soil consistently moist.


Resistant to most rose diseases, New Dawn roses bloom from early summer to late fall. The flowers produce a pleasing fragrance considered sweeter than that of other roses.


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