Care of Powder Puff Bonsai Plant


The powder puff bonsai plant is an evergreen tropical that is native to Asia and the Americas. The plant produces a pink or red flower that resembles a powder puff followed by a 3-to-6-inch-long seed pod. Powder puff bonsai are grown in pots and hardy for outdoor growing in USDA growing zones 9b through 11. The plant is commonly grown indoors as it does not tolerate cold or frost.

Step 1

Plant powder puff bonsai plants in a potting soil that is slightly acidic and well drained. The plant will tolerate both full sun and full-shade light conditions.

Step 2

Fertilize the plant with a liquid houseplant fertilizer once a week during the growing season. Decrease the application to once a month during the winter. High-phosphorus fertilizer will increase blossom production.

Step 3

Water the plant to keep the soil moist but not wet. Powder puff bonsai plants do not like to be too dry or too wet. Water more frequently as the roots become pot-bound.

Step 4

Apply a plant iron supplement if the leaves occasionally turn yellow, even with regular proper care.

Step 5

Prune the powder puff bonsai plant in the spring and summer months. Cut new growth development to a length of one to two leaves per branch.

Step 6

Remove the plant from the pot on an annual basis to monitor root growth. Prune thick roots that wrap around the exterior of the root ball.

Step 7

Propagate powder buff bonsai plants through seed collection or plant cuttings taken during the growing season.

Step 8

Re-pot the powder buff bonsai plant to a slightly larger pot every two years during the spring and summer months.

Things You'll Need

  • Powder puff plant
  • Acidic potting soil
  • Liquid houseplant fertilizer
  • High-phosphorus fertilizer
  • Plant iron supplement
  • Hand pruner
  • Large pot


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