How to Grow Water Plants in a Pond


Ponds accentuate a garden and work well as ideal ecosystems serving as homes for aquatic animals and plants. Aside from that, aquatic plants are also helpful to their surroundings by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen during the day. There are actually three types of aquatic plants that can be placed in a pond: oxygenating plants, which promote air circulation in and out of the water; the floating plant, which should cover about 60% of the surface to keep the temperature of the water stable and to also keep algae away; and marginal plants, which grow in shallow areas or around the pond and hold the soil in these areas.

Step 1

Measure the size of the pond first in order to know how many and what kind of plants to put in. For example, a 10 square meter pond surface can hold 2 sets of submerged plants, 1 bog and up to 2 kinds of floating plants. This way, the water plants are balanced and have sufficient nutrients.

Step 2

Clean the water plant with water and pot it. Submerged plants can be sowed in pots with mixture of sand and gravel, and then placed in the pond at least 1 foot deep.

Step 3

Place the water plants around the pond during the spring when the environment is conducive to growth.

Step 4

Place floating plants in baskets that are filled with soil created from manure, sand and clay.

Step 5

Mix the roots of the water plant with the soil and pour water on to the basket.

Step 6

Check the water temperature to make sure that it is at least 70 degrees. For hardy water lilies and lotuses, the temperature can be 50 degrees.

Step 7

Lower the basket into the water at a shaded area and let it float on top of the water.

Step 8

Start monthly applications of fertilizer tablets in the spring and continue until August. Add 4 ounces of fertilizer for every square foot of the pond.

Tips and Warnings

  • There are state regulations for tending to these kinds of plants. It is best to check and see whether or not the state allows or prohibits certain plants in your area.


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