Ideas for Backyard Landscaping

Create an oasis in your backyard so it's an invitation to enjoy nature. Use the natural curves of your yard for the design inspiration. Plant foliage that provides color and helps to tie the garden together. Don't worry if you don't have a perfect plan; gardens will evolve and form into their own magnificent creation. So, whether your space is small or large, you can create an inviting and relaxing backyard to enjoy throughout the year.

Garden Path

Build a garden path using slate for an inviting backyard landscape design. Paths are perfect for leading you to other areas of the garden. To create a lush garden path, place the stones every 1 to 2 feet on the ground and plant ground covers in between the stones. White star creeper and creeping thyme are lovely when planted along a path and help to fill out the path and add color. Along the sides of the path, plant perennial flowers and bushes such as pink peonies and hydrangeas. Both have large fluffy blooms that look magnificent against the earth colors of a stone path. If the path leads to a shaded area, grow hellebores. These green and pale white shade-loving plants easily spread and add beauty along the garden path. During the blooming season, their white flowers create an ethereal design against the darker colors of the garden. To enjoy an evening stroll, nestle solar lights in the ground along the path to light up the night and create a soft glow around your flowers.


Pergolas are the ideal structure to situate in your backyard to use for outdoor dining and living. Consider the pergola an all-purpose area that can be used for relaxing on a warmer summer night or for entertaining your family and friends any time of the year. Under the pergola, situate a patio set with comfortable pillows to create this outdoor space. To shade the pergola and add color to the structure, plant a creeping vine like wisteria or creeping roses around the posts and around the ceiling. Both are fragrant and hardy growers and in no time will create a shady and lush "roof" to your pergola. Around the base of each pergola post plant ground covers and flowers to add color below and to balance the design. Tie in colors found around your backyard landscape and your pergola will be the focal point of your backyard and an enjoyable space to relax.

Vegetable Garden

Plant your favorite vegetables in your backyard vegetable patch. Use the space to create a garden filled with delicious cucumber vines and tomatoes. Stake poles around the backyard landscape to grow your favorite peas and beans. Hardy zucchini vines and flourishing squash will spread around the space and give you a plethora of plants to eat throughout the growing season. For small landscapes, use containers and pots to grow your vegetables. They don't take up a lot of space and will allow you the enjoyment of growing your own vegetables. Insert a trellis against a garden wall and use this to support vegetable vines like okra and pumpkins. Let the vines wrap around the trellis and create a privacy screen to your backyard space.

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