How to Prune Vines


Vines are attractively presented plants with elongated stems that often hang in a vertical fashion. Pruning them is necessary when vines become tangled, are dead or rotting, or when they are overflowing from the aesthetic space for which they are intended. Pruning vines is a simple process that does not require the skills of an advanced gardener or landscape artist.

Step 1

Inspect your plant and remove any dead or diseased leaves or vines. Dispose of dead, rotting leaves in a trash bag.

Step 2

Cut away any tangled vines with your pruning shears

Step 3

Inspect your plant to determine whether further pruning is desired. Once you have removed diseased or tangled vines, pruning becomes a matter of preference. If you feel your vines are crowded or overfull, then prune back a few additional vines to fit the desired shape of your garden space.

Step 4

Offer healthy vines you've pruned to friends and neighbors for them to plant in their garden, or use as decoration in your home (vines make lovely hearth decorations, particularly during the fall and winter).

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Gardening gloves
  • Trash bag


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