Planter Ideas for Flowers

Planters come in many colors and sizes, and you can use them around a front porch, walkway or in a backyard garden for a colorful and vibrant design. You can nestle them inside a garden or place them around your favorite tree to accent your yard. Planters are also ideal when you are working with small spaces because many flowers can be planted together without taking up needed space. Whichever size planter you use, growing your flowers in it will bring life to the surrounding landscapes and will be enjoyable to watch through the growing season.

Strawberry Jar

Strawberry jars are perfect for planting herbs and small flowers, like cascading thyme and violas. With small pockets spread throughout the container, the jar has more surface area for planting flowers on the top of the container and inside each hole. Typically made out of clay, the strawberry jar is a long-lasting container and works well as an herb container. Fill the top of the container with your favorite flowers, like tulips and black-eyed Susans and use the pockets for draping sedum. Over time, each plant will fill out the pocket to create a stunning display. Add a layer of nutrient-rich compost to the bottom of the strawberry jar to help nourish the plants.


Look around flea markets and antique stores for concrete items you can use as planters. You can use concrete drain pipes or cinder blocks for a flower planter to create an interesting and visually appealing design in your landscape. Plant colorful flowers like zinnias and cosmos to contrast with the pale gray of concrete. Grow a bush or shrub, like the hydrangea or dwarf cedar, inside the container, especially if the space is large. The colorful blooms of the hydrangea will enhance the pale gray of the concrete. For oddly shaped containers--or ones that are large--nestle a smaller pot inside to achieve the same design effect.


Use an old wheelbarrow as a planter for your favorite flowers. It will give your yard a rustic or whimsical look. You can use either old or new wheelbarrows, and if they still have their wheels, it makes them easy to move around the yard. Plant cascading flowers, like creeping jasmine. Around the wheelbarrow, use a ground cover, like blue star creeper. To turn the wheelbarrow into a planter, poke or drill enough holes through the bottom of the planter so that water can properly drain.

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