Ideas for a Window Box Garden

Window boxes filled with colorful plants and flowers create a vibrant and cheery look to your home. Plant contrasting flowers inside each box to stand out and pop against your home. Use various heights, including plants that drape, for a well balanced window box. Inside each box, add a layer of mulch to help the plants retain moisture during the warm summer months.


Annual flowers, which die back at the end of their growing season, are perfect in window boxes because you can change out the design each year. Annuals can also be mixed with perennial flowers or used in the box alone. Some colorful annuals, including pansies and zinnias, are drought tolerant and ideal for windows that receive full sun and hot weather. Verbena is a lovely plant in a window box because of its billowing effect. Over the growing season, the verbena will fill out and drape over the window for a beautiful design. For splashes of color in your window box, use snapdragons to help fill in tight spaces. Their upright flowers are soft and colorful and will help to create an elegant look.


Grow perennial flowers in the window box to come back each year fuller and stronger. Perennials are ideal when you want a hardy planter that will grow vibrant each year. Some perennials such as phlox and coneflowers will spread through out the container and create lovely and cascading window design. Adding in perennial vines such as creeping thyme or jasmine will help to balance out the look and cascade down the box. Before planting the perennial flowers in your box, lay a 1-inch layer of broken pot shards that will help the water slowly seep out of the window box and retain moisture.


Herbs create stunning window boxes, and their flowers contrast nicely with their vibrant green colors. In warmer climates and where the weather stays mild all year-round, the herbs will stay in bloom and last throughout the year. They love to be packed into one space together, so don't worry about having a lot of room for each plant. Use perennial herbs like sage, dill and chives for a vibrant design. Make sure the box is in full sun for at least four hours a day. Herbs love full sun and will thrive in their ideal growing environment. Periodically pinch the herbs back as they grow to allow new growth to form and to help prevent them from becoming leggy. Creating an herb planter will allow you to have fresh herbs to use in your favorite dishes at a moment's notice.

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