How to Grow Brugmansia From a Seed


Brugmansias are called Angel's Trumpets because of their large horn-shaped flowers, which are from 4 to 24 inches long. The fragrant flowers are white, peach, pink, orange, gold or yellow. Brugmansia plants are large, woody perennials that grow from 8 to 14 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide. They are hardy in zones 9 through 11 and are root hardy in Zone 8. Plants grown from seeds of Brugmansia hybrids will not be identical to the parent plants. They will have leaves and flowers of dissimilar shapes and sizes, and the flowers will be different colors.

Step 1

Harvest seeds from a healthy plant or buy seeds from a trustworthy source. See Resources for an online supplier of Brugmansia seeds. Sow the seeds soon after harvesting or buying them.

Step 2

Fill small pots with humus-rich potting soil that drains well to within 1 to 1-½ inches of the rim. Wet the potting soil thoroughly with a watering can or spray bottle.

Step 3

Place three or four seeds in each pot and cover with 1/5-inch of potting soil. Water lightly.

Step 4

Cover the pots with a clear piece of plastic or glass and place in a cool to warm location that is 64 to 79 degrees F. Brugmansia seeds usually germinate in four weeks, but may germinate in as little as two weeks or take several months to sprout.

Step 5

Transplant seedlings into larger pots when they grow two true leaves. Fill each pot with potting soil ½ to ¾ full, depending on the size of the root systems of the seedlings. A seedling should set deep enough in the pot so the roots can be completely covered with potting soil without mounding the soil up around the stem. Set one seedling in each pot and fill around the rootball with potting soil. Water well and keep in a shady location for a few days.

Step 6

Move the plants into a partially sunny spot when they are no longer wilted from the transplanting process. Use a water-soluble fertilizer for flowering plants once a week, following the manufacturer's instructions. Protect the plants from cold temperatures until after the predicted date of the last freeze of the season when they can be planted in the garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Small pots
  • Watering can or spray bottle
  • Clear plastic or glass
  • Larger pots


  • University of Wisconsin Extension

Who Can Help

  • Brugmansia Growers International
  • Thompson Morgan Seeds
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