How to Hang Flowerpots with Holes in the Sides


Hanging a flowerpot with holes on the side is a breeze because you don't have to bother with drilling your own holes, which can be a real challenge, especially in clay or ceramic pots, or, in the case of wood flowerpots, screwing in eyelets. But to do it right, you still need to take care in measuring and connecting everything correctly, so you don't wind up with a lopsided pot or, worse, one that falls as soon as the wind picks up.

Step 1

Screw the ceiling hook into the ceiling, eave or patio roof where your planter would look best. Keep in mind that what you plant depends on where you hang your planter. Planters typically receive at least partial shade, so if planting outside, make sure you get plants that don't require full sun. For indoor plants, stick to the indoor plant section of the local garden center or home-improvement store.

Step 2

Hold the pot out and see at what height it looks the best. Then put the pot down and measure the distance with your measuring tape.

Step 3

Cut three or four (depending on how many holes your planter has) strands of chain or wire to the appropriate length. Again, use your measuring tape and make sure they are exactly the same length--you don't want a lopsided pot. If using wire, add a foot to each length so you have enough wire to tie around the holes.

Step 4

Connect each chain or wire to the pot. For chains, use a small S-hook; for wire, thread one end through the hole, outside in; pull it through about 3 or 4 inches; and then tie with a square knot (if the wire is thin enough) and wrap around the longer piece of the wire.

Step 5

Connect the chain ends to the big S-hook. If you are using wire, create a loop at each end that's tied and coiled, and then make sure each is the exact same length; if not, do it over again.

Step 6

Hold the basket up by grasping the other end of the S-hook to make sure it appears level. Then hang it onto the hook.

Things You'll Need

  • Ceiling hook
  • Large S-hook
  • Three or four small S-hooks
  • Chain or wire
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire clipper


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