Herbs That Re-Grow Hair

Individuals who suffer from hair loss have a wide range of mainstream options for helping to re-grow hair. Although these chemical treatments or hair replacement options can be effective, they often come with a hefty price tag. For those who long to have their hair re-grown by a natural means, herbs may offer a practical and more economical solution.

Homegrown Herbs

The following herbs are commonly grown at home for use in cooking, but they can also be used to help re-grow hair. Sage is natural herb that helps to strengthen weak hair. Not only is chamomile soothing, but it is an excellent resource for promoting hair growth. Catnip is another herb that works well for hair re-growth, and budrock root offers double benefits of encouraging hair re-growth and reducing its fallout.

Chinese Herbs

Dong quai, a traditional Chinese herb, stops hair loss and promotes hair growth. Pygeum, available in capsule or pill formula, takes it origin from the bark of an evergreen tree and is effective at reducing male-pattern baldness. The American Botanical Council has found he shou wu to be effective at restoring hair growth.

Combination of Herbs

Stinging nettle is an herb available as a capsule or pill and has been found to be very effective at re-growing hair when taken in combination with saw palmetto, another herb commonly used for reducing hair loss and encouraging hair growth.

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