How to Plant a Lawn in Texas


Planting a lawn in Texas must be done in the spring early enough so new grass seed can sprout before the weather gets too warm and late enough so a hard freeze cannot kill the new grass sprouts. In order to reduce competition from other plants, all existing growth from existing weeds and grasses must be removed and the bare soil prepared and fertilized. Warm season grasses that are popular in Southern Texas are Bermuda grass or centipede grass and bluegrass or fescue grass seed can be planted in the northern sections of Texas. Some native grasses, such as buffalo grass, are becoming popular as lawn grasses in Texas because they are drought tolerant.

Step 1

Mow all existing growth in lawn as low as possibleI n the spring after all danger of frost has passed. Rake up loose grass or weed seed heads that may be present. Rake up all thatch or old dead plant matter. Try to expose as much soil as possible.

Step 2

Fill in any low or uneven spots with new soil.

Step 3

Spray the entire lawn where you will be planting new grass seed with Roundup or another herbicide that contains glyphosate as the active ingredient. Glyphosate does not stay in the soil and continue to kill weeds after about two weeks.

Step 4

Water the lawn the next day to encourage new weed and grass seeds to sprout. Continue keeping the lawn moist until all existing seeds sprout over the next three weeks and then reapply the herbicide. Leave it alone for another two weeks.

Step 5

Rake the lawn using enough pressure to remove all dead plant matter exposing as much soil as possible. Apply an organic granulated fertilizer at the rate recommended for lawns on the fertilizer label.

Step 6

Make a mixture in a bucket of 1 part grass seed and 3 parts soil. Broadcast the grass seed and soil mixture over the prepared lawn area working back and forth until the entire area is covered with the grass seed and soil mixture.

Step 7

Take another bucket full of soil and broadcast the soil over the area where the grass seed and soil mixture was spread, making a point of stepping on as much of the area where the grass seed was planted so the grass seed has contact with the soil.

Step 8

Water gently every day until growth appears and then every other day until you have complete green coverage. After the grass is established, water deeply to 6 inches deep once a week to keep lawn healthy. If you stick a shovel in the ground and look at the soil layer under where you have watered, you should see that the soil is damp to a level of 6 inches if you are applying the correct amount of water.

Things You'll Need

  • Roundup or other herbicide containing glyphosate
  • Grass seed
  • Granulated organic fertilizer
  • Rake
  • Source of water
  • Bucket


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