How to Make Fruit Lined Flower Vases


Fruit lining your flower vase hides the stems and provides a unique way to spruce up your flower arrangement. The fruit colors can coordinate or contrast with the colors of the flowers. Reflect the seasons with the selection of fruit, using cranberries in winter, berries in spring or citrus in summer.

Two-vase method

Step 1

Place the narrower vase inside the wider vase. You will fill the gap between the two vases with fruit. Vary the size of the gap based on the fruit you use.

Step 2

Cut oranges, lemons and or limes into half-inch slices. If using red or pink grapefruit, cut each slice in half.

Step 3

Slide the slices down the gap between the two vases. Try not to smear the inside of the outer vase. Mix or match the fruit. For example, make a row of grapefruit half slices, then a row of oranges, lemons and finally limes.

Step 4

Fill the inner vase with water and flowers.

One-vase method

Step 1

Select a vase that is the same or nearly the same width at the bottom as it is at the top.

Step 2

Fill the vase about a quarter full of lemons, cranberries, grapes, kumquats, crab apples or other small fruits. If using strawberries, select ripe, firm ones.

Step 3

Arrange the flower stems among the fruit. The fruit will anchor the stems.

Step 4

Hold the top of the bunch of flowers snugly in one hand away from the sides of the vase. Fill the gap between the flower stems and the sides of the vase with additional fruit. Release the stems. The stems should press against the fruit and hold it against the sides of the vase.

Step 5

Fill vase with water.

Tips and Warnings

  • Fruits such as apples and pears discolor quickly when sliced, so don't use them. Soft fruits such as raspberries and blackberries will crush.

Things You'll Need

  • Two vases, the same shape, one at least an inch narrower than the other
  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Knife


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