How to Water Plants With Sugar


Sugar adds natural nutrients to give plants a boost when they are dehydrated, sick or dying. It also helps attract pollinators to your flowering plants. Watering your plants with a mixture of sugar and water may help save them, but it is not a clear-cut solution to keeping them healthy. Keep your plants stress-free and well-nourished, using this mixture in dire situations.

Step 1

Mix a teaspoon of white granulated sugar with two cups of water, stirring it thoroughly so the sugar granules are completely dissolved.

Step 2

Put your potted plant into a basin to drain extra water if necessary. You can also water a plant that is in the ground with sugar water.

Step 3

Pour the sugar water over all the wilted leaves of the plant slowly, making sure to soak the soil around it completely. The soil's surface may start bubbling, which is normal from air pockets. Stop pouring the water once the bubbling ceases.

Step 4

Repeat this sugar watering three times a week, or until the plant starts looking like it is reacting positively to the mixture. Signs of this include the return of healthy color, the leaves lifting and not wilting any more or blooms. After a couple of weeks once the plant is healthy, stop the sugar watering completely. Make sure to water regularly with normal water.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 tspn. white granulated sugar
  • Water


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