How to Purchase Citrus Tree Seeds


Starting citrus trees from seed can be as easy as saving the seeds from your orange or lemons from your kitchen. However, you will have to purchase citrus seeds if you wish to plant more than the few from your orange or a specific type of citrus seed, such as Calamondin oranges. Remember that some citrus trees need more than five years to produce fruit. Of course, just watching a citrus tree grow from seed is a reward in itself. With that in mind, follow a few easy steps to purchasing citrus seeds.

Step 1

Decide if you want to buy citrus seeds in bulk or in small packages of ten. You can find small packages of citrus seeds for sale through online marketplaces or garden forums. For larger quantities, look directly to a citrus nursery that sells seeds.

Step 2

Find a reputable citrus seed supplier by asking for a referral from your local garden center or university extension office. Reputable suppliers are found in tropical and semi-tropical areas of the country, such as Florida, Texas or California. They should provide you with a telephone number and be able to answer your questions about planting and growing citrus seeds in your area of the country.

Step 3

Place your order and start preparing the flowerpots with potting soil. Citrus seeds must be planted as soon as you receive them so that they will not dry out.

Step 4

Push the seeds to a depth of an inch in the soil. Moisten the soil. Keep in a warm, sunny location and re-pot in larger containers as the seedlings grow.

Tips and Warnings

  • Commercial citrus seeds should be used for planting and growing only as they come treated with pesticides or fungicides. Do not use purchased citrus seeds for cosmetic or culinary purposes.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden center
  • Citrus seed supplier
  • Internet connection
  • Small flowerpots
  • Potting soil


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