Recipes for Organic Fertilizer for Dogwoods

Dogwoods tend to require high concentrations of nitrogen for optimum tree health and flowering. Although many commercial chemical fertilizers are available, making your own organic fertilizers can provide proper nutrition for your dogwood. Which fertilizer is best for your tree will depend on your soil type. Starting with a moderate seed meal recipe will work for most soil. If your soil already has high nitrogen levels, consider using the balanced recipe. For soils that are low in nitrogen, either use the high seed meal recipe or add between 1 and 3 additional parts seed meal to the other recipes.

High Seed Meal Fertilizer

Adding additional seed meal helps to increase soil nitrogen. Additional soil nitrogen often benefits dogwood. To make this fertilizer, mix the following ingredient ratios: 8 parts seed meal, 1 part agricultural lime, 1 part dolomitic lime, 1 part gypsum. Mix the fertilizer thoroughly and apply it to the surface of the soil around the tree. Don't fertilize within 2 inches of the tree trunk.

Moderate Seed Meal Fertilizer

If you suspect that your dogwood is getting close to enough nitrogen from the soil, you probably don't need to add as much seed meal. To make an moderate seed meal organic fertilizer, mix the following ingredients in the indicated ratios: 4 parts seed meal, 1 part dolomite lime, 1/2 part bone meal, 1/2 part kelp meal. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply to the surface of the soil around the tree. Keep this, or any other fertilizer, away from the trunk to prevent trunk diseases.

Basic Balanced Fertilizer

A basic, balanced fertilizer for your dogwoods and other trees or plants, mix the following ingredients in the ratios indicated: 3 parts bone meal, 2 parts fish meal, 1 part kelp meal. Mix the fertilizer thoroughly. If possible, blend this fertilizer with the soil around your tree. If mixing isn't possible, spread the fertilizer around the base of the tree and water thoroughly. Make sure that this fertilizer doesn't come into contact with the tree trunk.

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