Stone Wall Landscaping Ideas

Stone walls bring character to your landscaping as definition for your garden, borders for your property or as protective retaining walls. Your stone wall can be made with manufactured pavers for a contemporary look with clean lines, or with natural stones for a more rustic appeal.

Stacked Stone Garden Wall

Define your garden with a stacked stone wall that's 3 to 4 feet high. The stone wall is not only an attractive part of your landscape, but it may help deter deer, rabbits and other garden grazers from making a snack of your flowers and vegetables. Stack the stones around the perimeter of your garden, leaving maximum space for future expansion of your garden. You can make the stone wall with rocks from your property, or purchase stones from a landscape supply company. Search for an old gate at an architectural supply store or thrift stores to complete the rustic look and provide closure to the structure.

Retaining Wall

A stacked stone retaining wall can work as decoration for your hillside landscaping and as a way to protect your property against eroding soil. Manufactured stone pavers are a good choice for building a stone retaining wall; every stone is uniform in both size and shape. You can stack the stones securely with mortar to create a stone-covered hillside in place of a potential mudslide. The stone retaining wall can follow the curves of the hillside, or you can build a straight line wall to block the hill completely.

Stone Wall Border

Create a property border with a stone wall made from stacked slate, medium-sized river rock or manufactured pavers. Enhance your landscaping with a 4-foot-high stone wall that follows the curvature of your land and outlines the perimeter of your property. River rock or other natural stone work best in a rural setting where rolling hills can be accentuated and where the natural stones can blend in with a woodsy setting. Stacked slate and manufactured pavers fit in well in a suburb where similar stones are used on the façade of the homes in the neighborhood.

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