How to Prune Indian Yellow Jasmine Plants


Indian yellow jasmine plants (Jasminum Humile) is a variety of the yellow jasmine plant grown throughout North America and primarily in warm states such as Florida, Georgia and Texas. Indian Jasmine produces large blooms during the fall and spring season. It is a favorite choice among gardeners because it requires very little maintenance and can grow in full or partial sunlight. Pruning is necessary when branches become overgrown, as crowding will cause failure to bloom properly. Pruning an Indian Yellow Jasmine plant is a simple process that does not require additional skills as a gardener.

Step 1

Inspect your Indian Yellow Jasmine plant to determine how much pruning is necessary to ensure optimal growth. Pruning is necessary when excess branches are touching each other, which will interfere with the blooming process.

Step 2

Cut any dead or rotting branches from your Indian Yellow Jasmine plant.

Step 3

Dispose of dead, rotting branches into trash bag or put aside to use as compost.

Step 4

Examine your plant to determine further pruning needs. If your plant is full (over 4 feet wide), or if your branches are touching each other, further pruning will be necessary.

Step 5

Cut crowded offshoot branches of your Indian Yellow Jasmine plant. Offshoot branches are easily recognizable due to the fact that they are smaller in diameter than main branches.

Things You'll Need

  • Indian Yellow Jasmine
  • Pruning shears
  • Gardening gloves
  • Trash bag


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  • Yellow Jasmine
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