The Best Type of Lawn Edgers

To get any job done right, it helps to have the right tools, and edging a lawn is no exception. Gardeners have a range of options available for completing this common task, but should carefully evaluate their space, budget and needs before making a purchase. Lawn edgers are easy to use and are ideal for adding a polished look to an outdoor area.

Best for Small Spaces

A battery-operated lawn trimmer is best for edging small areas. Battery-powered lawn edgers do need frequent recharging, after about 20 minutes of use. Battery-operated edgers are also best for light-duty work. They are intended strictly for trimming, and they will not effectively remove brush.

Most Economical

Electric lawn edgers offer gardeners the most bang for their buck varying in price range from $30 to more than $150. Gardeners who are considering purchasing an electric edger should carefully evaluate the proximity of outdoor electrical outlets; there should be an outlet within 100 to 150 feet of the cutting area. Electric lawn edgers are also a good choice for trimming around bricks or rocks in a landscape.

Best for Heavy-Duty Edging

If you have rolling acres of lawn to edge, then a gasoline-powered trimmer presents the best solution. Gas-powered lawn edgers are good for large outdoor spaces as well as heavy-duty trimming. These edgers can easily trim thick brush or weeds, and they free the gardener to complete more yard work without the need for an electric outlet nearby. Along with additional power, gas-powered edgers also are heavier to carry and are noisier than an electric or battery-powered edger.

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