How to Take Care of Baby Peach Trees in the Summer


Young peach trees may require summer pruning, training and care to help them grow into strong, well-balanced fruit producers. Peach trees respond differently to pruning in the summer. By removing sections of the tree in the summer, the trunk's stored energy goes primarily to creating new growth in the spring. Summer pruning, however, reduces the tree's ability to make and store energy and, thus, limits the overall size of the tree. You should only do major pruning on young trees whose size you want to limit.

Step 1

Prune any larger branches after the tree has grown about an inch of new growth to limit the overall size of the peach tree. Use a pair of sharp pruning shears.

Step 2

Prune for openness and direction by removing minor new growth after the tree has about an inch of new growth.

Step 3

Focus your training on creating a well balanced tree with branches beginning between 2 and 3 feet above the soil. Remove any sudden leaders below this during the summer.

Step 4

Prune upper leaders in the summer to make a "Christmas tree" shape. The upper branches of the tree should be narrower than the middle branches. The lower branches should be longer than the middle branches.

Step 5

Regularly pinch off growth buds in the summer to encourage new fruiting and growth the following year. This, combined with removing 20 to 30 percent of the tree's growth in winter, will increase potential fruiting and production in subsequent years.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears


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Who Can Help

  • National Gardening Association: Peach Care
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