How to Make Plant Pots From Newspapers


Using old newspapers to make plant starter pots is a way to reuse newspapers and save on the cost of plant starter pots. Newspaper deteriorates rapidly when exposed to a constant source of moisture so newspaper pots work best to start seeds that can be planted outside in the garden rather than as a permanent home for a plant. The newspaper pot containing the seedling can be planted directly in the garden and the newspaper will rot away while the roots of the plant will grow through the paper. For best results, use newspaper that contains no color ink.

Step 1

Lay out 3 sheets of black and white newspaper on top of each other. Using the scissors, cut a strip of newspaper that is three times the width of your desired pot height. For example, if the pot is going to be 3 inches high, cut a strip of newspaper 9 inches wide.

Step 2

Fold the strip of paper in half horizontally. If the strip was 9 inches wide, it should now be 4 1/2 inches wide.

Step 3

Find a jar glass, or a metal or plastic tube that is about the size of the pot you are making from newspaper, to use as a mold.

Step 4

Wrap the newspaper around the container used as a mold, leaving enough paper extending from the bottom of the container to fold over and seal off the end. If the pot is 3 inches tall, 1 1/2 inches of newspaper would be extending over the end of the mold. Secure all loose edges of newspaper, including the newspaper overhanging the end of the mold, with cellophane tape, to create a flower pot.

Step 5

Remove the mold from the newspaper pot and fill the pot with soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • 3 sheets of black and white newspaper
  • Glass jar
  • Cellophane tape


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