How to Plant Blueberry Bushes in North Carolina


Blueberry bushes make a nice addition to a home garden because they add both a splash of color and produce a fruit perfect for eating and baking. The climate in all of North Carolina is conducive to growing blueberries. Several species are available, and some will grow better in some parts of the state than others. When you purchase your bushes, speak with someone at the nursery or garden center about the best species for your location.

Step 1

Prepare the bed for planting by removing weeds and other vegetation. It's best to do this the autumn before the plants will be planted.

Step 2

Dig a hole so the bush will be planted at the same depth it was when it was at the nursery. Check with a gardener where you bought the plant if you are unsure about the depth.

Step 3

Fill in the dirt around the plant, making sure the firmly pat it down with your feet or hands so all the air pockets are removed.

Step 4

Add 3 to 4 inches of sawdust mulch or another mulch around the plant.

Step 5

Water the plant thoroughly so it can begin to establish roots in its new location.

Step 6

Prune the bush to remove any flower buds. This will ensure it does not produce fruit until the second year after planting, when it is more mature and established.

Things You'll Need

  • Blueberry bushes
  • Shovel or trowel
  • Mulch
  • Water
  • Pruning tools


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