How to Store Strawberry Plants


Strawberry plants are a hardy, fruit-bearing plant that will survive winter temperatures when given proper care. Container-grown strawberry plants must be protected during the freezing winter months to prevent damage and death of the plants. Strawberry plants must be insulated if kept outdoors during winter, while moveable containers are easy to store in outdoor buildings for protection.

Step 1

Water the plants well into September prior to storing the pots for winter.

Step 2

Apply a 6- to 8-inch mulch layer around strawberries growing in a pyramid container after the ground is frozen in fall.

Step 3

Move strawberries growing in barrels to an unheated garage or other structure for winter after the ground freezes. Cover large barrels securely with burlap if they are too large to move. Apply a thick covering of straw around strawberry plants before covering with burlap in areas where the winters are extremely harsh.

Step 4

Move strawberry pots to an unheated garage or structure once the ground has frozen. Make sure the temperature stays at 32 degrees F or just slightly lower so the plants don't go through a cycle of thawing and freezing.

Step 5

Begin introducing the strawberry plants to spring weather during the day. Protect the plants at night if there is still a risk of frost.

Step 6

Apply small amounts of water to the soil once the soil begins to warm in outdoor conditions. Do not saturate with water. Do not let the roots dry out once the soil begins to thaw.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Straw
  • Burlap


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