Plant Grafting Information


Grafting is a procedure in which two plants are joined together to produce a hybrid with specific desired traits. Grafting is a difficult process and can take numerous attempts before successfully completed.


Budwood are 6- to 8-inch budding branches taken from the plants that have the desired properties such as a certain type of fruit or a particular flower.


A budstick is a 1-inch piece of the budwood with a bud on the end. The budstick is the piece that will be grafted onto another plant.

Root Stock

Root stock is the root system of another variety of a particular plant, usually one that is native to that particular region. Root stock is typically grown from seeds for the purpose of being used for grafting.


If budwood cannot be used immediately, store it in a refrigerator crisper, wrapped in a moist paper towel and sealed in a plastic zipper bag. Budwood can be stored for up to four months.


A graft is successful if new growth forms on the budstick after six weeks.


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