Small Space Flower Garden Ideas

Gardening in a small space allows you to hone in on exactly what types of plants and flowers you want. Mix up different heights and types of plants for a well-balanced bed. Spread a layer of mulch over the plants to help retain moisture, especially during the summer months. Incorporating a small garden into your outdoor space will bring beauty and color to your property.


Small flower gardens have limited space for planting and gardening so create more space by using flower pots and containers. Containers are the perfect way to cram your favorite flowers and plants into the garden while freeing up needed space on the ground. Strawberry jar containers are the perfect container to use in a small garden. These types of containers have small holes spaced around the container, perfect for layering in different plants. Use one of the containers to create a miniature herb garden. Plant perennial herbs like sage and dill for a long-lasting container and one that can be useful when cooking your favorite culinary delights. Containers are also the ideal space to use for planting seasonal flowers like violets. Each season, change your containers out for a fresh new design.


When space is an issue, use small plants that don't take up as much room as large shrubs and trees. Scale down the size of your garden plants and you'll be able to plant more types of your favorite flowers. Low growing johnny jump starts and miniature daffodils placed around the small garden will add vibrant color without taking up a lot of room. Plant bulbs like tulips in the space to pop up in early spring and last until the beginning of summer. As the bulbs die down, you will have space for another flower or plant. Ground covers like blue star creeper or creeping phlox will help to fill out the hard-to-reach spaces of the garden. Spreading ground covers are also perfect in small spaces because they can tolerate other plants encroaching over and around the plant.


For small spaces, create the illusion of a larger garden space using light colored plants. Plant pale blue violas mixed with white hyacinths make less of a visual barrier. Stay away from growing dark colored shrubs and plants. If you have a favorite that is a deep shade, use the plant sparingly and watch the space open up. Another way to create the illusion of a larger space is by planting the taller flower and plants in the back of the garden bed. Work your way up with the shortest and low-growing plants in the front. This creates the feeling of a larger bed without appearing overly crowded.

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