How to Get an Amaryllis to Rebloom


One of the joys of winter is watching an amaryllis as it quickly grows a stalk, forms large buds and then opens into giant flowers. This seasonal delight can be yours each year if you nurture your amaryllis. Make sure your amaryllis has a happy home in a snug pot. The ideal container is a taller version of the classic terra cotta pot, called a Long Tom, which has plenty of room for root growth and is only 1 inch wider than the bulb itself. With a collection of Long Toms or standard pots and some healthy bulbs, you are on your way to an annual winter flower festival of reblooming amaryllises.

Winter Through Summer Care

Step 1

Fertilize the amaryllis monthly as soon as it shows growth, using any balanced houseplant food.

Step 2

Cut back the stems to the top of the bulb after the flowers fade. Move the amaryllis so that it gets sunlight. Water the plant regularly to keep it moist but not soggy.

Step 3

When the weather warms up, move the amaryllis to a filtered sun location outdoors or leave it indoors. Continue to water the amaryllis regularly and feed monthly.

Fall Through Winter Care

Step 1

In the first week of September put the plant in an indoor closet. Stop watering and feeding the amaryllis at this time(See References 1).

Step 2

Wait until the first week of November and then bring the plant out of the closet. Water the plant very well, once, but do not feed it.

Step 3

Put the plant in a warm, sunny spot indoors and watch for new growth. Water the plant lightly until you see new growth emerging.

Step 4

Fertilize the amaryllis monthly and water regularly as soon as new growth appears. Keep the soil moist but not boggy.

Step 5

Enjoy the amaryllis flowers starting in the first week of January. When the flowers open, move the plant out of direct sunlight. Move the plant back to direct sunlight after the flowers fade.

Things You'll Need

  • Amaryllis bulbs
  • Pots that are 1-inch diameter larger than the bulbs
  • Potting soil
  • Houseplant food


  • International Flower Bulb Centre

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