How to Make a Dried Flower Wreath


Dried flower wreaths are long-lasting colorful decorations that will adorn a wall, door or shelf display for months to years. You can make the wreaths in solid or multi-colors, using a wide variety of dried flowers. Make a dried flower wreath with straw flowers as a decorative piece for your home or as a gift. A straw wreath base provides a rustic autumnal base for a simple dried floral wreath.

Step 1

Brush away any loose pieces of straw wreath after placing it onto your work surface. Set the dried flowers at the side of your work area. Lift the wreath and attach the end of a piece of ribbon or raffia to the back with a floral greening or straight pin. Carefully wrap the ribbon or fiber every 3 to 5 inches around the wreath from back to front at an angle.

Step 2

Cut short sprigs of baby's breath blossoms. Hold one or two sprigs against the top side of a wired pick and wrap the wire around several times to secure the stems to the floral stick. Make at least two dozen of the baby's breath picks.

Step 3

Place several dried straw flowers on the wreath to test how you want to arrange them. Clusters of three or five like-colored flowers will work well together.

Step 4

Insert a baby's breath pick at an angle into the straw wreath surface. Push down in until you can no longer see the stick. Cut a straw flower wire down to a 4- to 5-inch length. Insert the straw flower next to the baby's breath. Repeat with two to four more of the open colorful blossoms. If you have your own dried flowers that are not wired, simply glue the blossoms in place with the glue gun.

Step 5

Continue filling in the wreath with baby's breath and straw flowers. You can add other dried flowers, if available.

Step 6

Attach the bow for a finishing touch.

Things You'll Need

  • Straw wreath form
  • 1/2- to 1-inch-wide cotton ribbon or raffia
  • Greening or straight pin
  • Dried baby's breath
  • Short wired floral picks
  • Dried, wired straw flowers (helichrysum)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon or raffia bow


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Who Can Help

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  • University of Missouri Extension: Drying Flowers and Foliage for Arrangements
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