How to Make a Compost Bin Out of Wood Pallets


Constructing a compost bin out of wooden pallets is a good way to recycle packing skids. The pallet bin is inexpensive to build and can last for years. Pallets can be found at many stores and shipping companies. To construct the bin you can use purchased wire or even recycled coat hangers. While making a pallet bin is easy to do, it is best to have someone to assist you with this project.

Step 1

Select an area that is a comfortable distance away from your house and close to the garden. A full-sun to semi-shaded area is ideal.

Step 2

Use a spade to even the ground where your compost bin will be set up.

Step 3

Stand the first and second pallet on end and form an L. Insert the two ends of a piece of heavy-duty wire through one pallet top at the corner of the L to the top of the second pallet. Wrap the wire around the posts of both pallets at the top corner sides. Use pliers to grasp the wire ends and twist tightly to secure. Wrap wire in the same way at the center and bottom of the adjoining pallets.

Step 4

Set up the third pallet for the opposite side of the wooden bin. Wire and secure.

Step 5

Place the last wooden pallet at the front of the compost bin. Wire the pallet on at the top corner, center and bottom of one side only to create a door. Cut a piece of wire to wrap at the center point of the other side of the door to use as a closure. You will be able to swing this door open to start the compost pile and turn it when needed.

Tips and Warnings

  • Watch out for splinters if any of the slats are broken.

Things You'll Need

  • Spade
  • 4 untreated pallets
  • Heavy-duty coat hanger or baling wire
  • Pliers


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Who Can Help

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