Plants That Live in the Winter

With a wide variety of plants that bloom or produce berries during the cold weather season, home gardeners can enjoy a colorful landscape in the dead of winter. By planting just the right plants in the fall, you can enjoy a winter garden filled with lively colors and interesting textures. Plants that live in the winter include flowering perennials, shrubs and ground cover plants, with each type providing unique characteristics for creating a delightful winter garden.

Winter Perennials

Winter perennials start providing colorful blooms as early as January and continue through to late March. The aptly named white snowdrop blooms in January and produces a delicate bell-shaped flower. Another winter perennial is the snow crocus with cup-shaped flowers available in a wide range of color choices. Other cold climate plants for a winter garden include the late blooming winter jasmine with its bright yellow flowers; camellia with pink, red, or white blossoms; hellebore, known as the winter rose; and icicle pansies in a plethora of colors bred specifically to bloom in cold weather.

Flowering Winter Shrubs

When it comes to delightful color, a wonderful aroma and unique blooms, the witch hazel shrub is one of the best cold climate plants. With blooms starting in October, the flowering shrub is ideal for kicking off the winter garden display. The Cornelian Cherry is another shrub to consider for its tiny yellow flowers that bloom in February and March. Also offering lovely bronze winter foliage is nandina, an evergreen with lace-like foliage similar to bamboo leaves. Other flowering winter shrubs are winter heather and viburnum tinus.

Cold Weather Groundcover Plants

Although groundcover plants grow close to the soil, they make delightful ornamental displays to accent your winter garden. The popular gaultheria adds stunning color during winter with its red berries providing a nice contrast to its evergreen leaves. Another good choice is the John Proffitt table mountain ice plant with its purple tinged leaves and stunning fuchsia flowers. The lush wooly thyme also does well tolerating cold temperatures.

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