How to Purchase Seeds


A few key materials for planting are necessary to ensure the success of any garden. Novice and expert gardeners alike must have a variety of seeds to produce the quantities of desired fruits, plants and vegetables to plant in their soil. Many seeds for gardening may be purchased locally in home-and-garden centers and home improvement stores, produce stands and supermarkets, while more exotic seeds may only be located through online retailers. Purchasing seeds for your garden is a simple process that does not require any special skills.

Step 1

Decide which types of seeds you wish to purchase.

Step 2

Visit your local home-and-garden center (or produce stand) to determine which seeds are available for purchase locally. In order to purchase seeds at local markets, you may need to bring cash or personal check, as many farmer's markets do not accept credit cards.

Step 3

Visit your local supermarket to determine whether the seeds you wish to purchase are available through this venue. Most supermarkets carry basic seeds such as basil, oregano, parsley, tomato and rosemary, but they will not carry exotic tropical plants, fruits or flowers such as lilac, lily or orchid plants.

Step 4

Find an online retailer if you are unable to find the seeds you wish to purchase locally.

Step 5

Have a major credit card handy for purchase of seeds online and provide a physical location for the seeds to be shipped directly to you.


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