How to Grow a Red Banana Plant


The banana plant is a herbaceous perennial native to Southeast Asia but now grown wherever the climate is tropical. There are many varieties of the red banana plant. Some bear edible fruit while others are used for ornamental purposes. The edible fruit is smaller than the traditional, Cavendish banana and can sometimes have a slight raspberry flavor. There also are dwarf varieties of red banana plants that can be grown indoors or on the patio. Banana plants are hardy to USDA zones 8a to 11.

Step 1

Plant the red banana plantin an area that receives 12 hours of sunlight or bright light per day. The plant will tolerate a bit of afternoon shade.

Step 2

Amend the soil that the red banana plant is being grown in to ensure that it is well-draining and has a slightly acidic pH. Add perlite to help aerate the soil and allow for better drainage. The addition of peat moss or pine needles will lower the alkalinity of the soil. Aim for a pH of 5.5 to 6.5.

Step 3

Water the red banana plant frequently. Banana plants are water-hungry and most likely will need water daily. If the red banana plant is grown in a pot, make sure the pot doesn't sit in water. Water the plant deeply once a month to flush the soil of any salt that may have accumulated.

Step 4

Feed the red banana plant once a month with 8-10-8 fertilizer. The California Rare Fruit Growers suggest that a mature banana plant may require up to 2 lbs. of fertilizer, spread in a circle, extending 4 feet from the trunk, every month.

Things You'll Need

  • Perlite or pine needles
  • 8-10-8 fertilizer


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  • Oregon State University

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