How to Build a Twig Composter


Composting has numerous benefits for your garden and household, as well as for the environment. It helps save you money, get rid of more trash organically, gets rid of pollutants and grows large healthy plants. There are many types of composters available, but the most rewarding is one that you make yourself, out of organic or recyclable materials, such as twigs from your landscape.

Step 1

Pick a spot on your landscape to build the twig composter. It needs to be in an area in full sun that can stay moist consistently, away from direct wind of any household, in case it has odors. Keep in mind that the twigs and branches you are using need to be at equal lengths/heights, but need to be high enough to hold the compost, like a medium to large sized box.

Step 2

Use the hammer to pound the garden stakes or branches into a the shape you want the composter to be, most commonly a square. This creates the main supports.

Step 3

Pound 12 additional thick branches/twigs in between these large ones already in the ground. These act as smaller supports, and help fill in the spaces.

Step 4

Go back to a bottom corner. Weave a twig in and out of the branches and stakes until you reach the end of the twig, then start with a new twig. The point is to continue weaving the twigs around the stakes and branches, one after the other, over the entire twig composter. This creates the binding to the entire composter.

Step 5

Use pruning shears or scissors to cut off any twigs that have protruding ends and aren't even with the others. Secure them together with pieces of twine for added support or coverage.

Things You'll Need

  • four to eight garden stakes or branches, cut to same height
  • 12 thick twigs or small branches, cut to the same height
  • Smaller twigs
  • Hammer
  • Pruning shears
  • Twine
  • Scissors


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