Landscaping Ideas for a Hill

Planting on flat land can present gardeners with its own sets of challenges and rewards. Add a slope or hill to the equation, and there's literally a whole new dimension to garden around. Take heart, the hilly area can be just as attractive as any other area of your outdoor space. Spend a little time incorporating your favorite elements or some that are special for such a space. Make this area a standout, rather than an eyesore on your landscape.

Incorporate a Retaining Wall

Segment the hill into sections, carefully placing the wall where the hill is less steep. Construct the retaining wall out of stonework that complements the materials used on your home. Plant flowers on the upper part of the hill for a dramatic and instant backdrop. Add stairs to the hill area to provide access, if necessary.

Add Low-Maintenance Plantings

Replace grass or other ground cover with shrubs to eliminate the need to mow the hilly area. Try the Siberian pearshrub, which is a good option for wind break cover and is drought-tolerant, which means fewer trips up the hill for watering. Plant barberry shrubs along with holly shrubs to provide a contrast in color and leaf texture.

Add Some Color

Any plants that can get to grow successfully in flat areas of your yard or garden will work equally as well on a hill. Daylillies are a good option for landscaping on a hill as their leaf structure will blend in nicely with the grass growing on the hill. Another plant to consider for a hillside is the California grape. It can be used as a ground cover or grown on a stake for vertical interest. It's a great way to add texture and taste.

Go No-Maintenance

Cover a hill area with bark or mulch. This is a great option in terms of offering a quick, economical solution that requires no maintenance or mowing, but is the least pleasing aesthetically. Gardeners who live in areas that receive heavy rainfall should be prepared to replace the mulch, which will easily get washed away.

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