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If you have a garden, you are never out of items to give as gifts. Gifts from the garden are considered personal and thoughtful. From seeds, to plants, to the mature fruit or flowers, there are several ways to give a personalized gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Many seeds today, whether vegetables, fruit or flower seeds, are designed in a lab to produce seeds that will not propagate another batch of the plant it came from. However, according to Green Living Tips, if you use seeds that are heirloom or heritage varieties, you will not have this problem. If you know someone that just loves your petunias, or the taste of your tomatoes every year, gather seeds from these plants when they are ready to be harvested and give them as a gift. For instructions and advice on how to harvest your seeds, see Resources.


If you want to give something besides seeds, you can give a plant. You can dig up a pot of flowers and put them in a personalized planter. The Creative Kids at Home website has a great idea of a plant gift for a teacher. Use a potted plant, and include a plant stake that says "Thanks for helping me grow." For a gift that will remind them of you year after year, give flowers that can be replanted and will come up year after year, such as tulips so they can save the tulip bulbs. If you have outdoor plants that expand each year, such as beautiful peonies, and they are beginning to overtake your garden area, separate the roots in the fall and pass some along to a friend as a gift.

Food or Flower Basket

When you don't have time to harvest seeds or repot flowers, make a gift basket of your garden's bounty. This can include fruits and berries, or vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. If you grow garlic or hot peppers, stringing them to a strand of sisal rope makes a decorative gift that the recipient can both display and use as needed. Clean the vegetables with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and debris. Add a handwritten recipe to the basket for an extra-special added touch. A large bouquet of flowers makes another wonderful gift. Place them in a simple vase, or tie a bunch up with a ribbon. You can also include directions on how to dry the flowers, just in case they would like to preserve them.

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