How to Decorate a Garden Indoors


Decorating your indoor garden can be just as fun and rewarding as decorating an outdoor area, and you can implement many of the same concepts and strategies. However, when you are working with an indoor garden, the best decorations actually come from the proper and appealing arrangement of the plants themselves. Then, you can supplement your design with some carefully selected accessories to finish your look.

Step 1

Make the topiary your central piece. A ring topiary in a large, decorative urn is ideal because it will grow all year long and you can use the area around the topiary to cultivate bulbs that will grow and bloom each year at different times. For example, you can train tulips to grow year-round indoors, or if your interior temperatures and lighting change sufficiently with each season, you can plant a variety of noncompeting bulbs in the urn to bloom with different seasons.

Step 2

Arrange a small herb garden in bright, ceramic pots around your central display. Herbs do not need a lot of room and you can place the pots immediately adjacent to each other. As the herbs grow, you can prune and train them and use them as topiary or let them trail appealingly out of the pots. The ceramic pots will brighten the area and the green of the herbs will make your garden look lush and full all year-round.

Step 3

Accent plants that need regular watering with blown-glass watering balls. These hollow glass ornaments mounted on glass straw stems are a great way to keep soil moist without having to remember to water every day. Pick watering balls that complement the colors of your pots and your plants, and do not use them in every pot to avoid overkill (and over-watering in some cases).

Step 4

Place a few pieces of "surprise" statuary in the pots. These should be very small and not detract from the centralized organization of your indoor garden. Small animals or fairies are popular for this type of statuary; you can partially hide them under leaves to make them harmonize with the garden.

Step 5

Elongate your garden space with a ficus or a Chinese evergreen. Both of these plants are hardy and will do well in nearly any indoor space. Chinese evergreens are also great natural air purifiers. Place the tree in the background to the left or right--not in the center--of the garden arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • Ring topiary
  • Large, decorative urn
  • Bulbs (iris, tulip, your choice)
  • Bright ceramic pots
  • Herbs
  • Glass watering balls
  • Small statuary
  • Ficus or Chinese evergreen


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