How to Use Outhouses in Landscaping


While few functional outhouses are still in use, there is a growing trend in building non-functional outhouses for the sole purpose of decorating the backyard. Outhouses are tongue-and-cheek decorations that are sure to elicit a smile from passersby. Outhouses can be used for many purposes, but are most often used as garden tool sheds in addition to a landscape decoration. To make your outhouse into a garden shed and incorporate it into your landscape as a humorous focal point, follow a few simple steps.

Step 1

Measure the inside of the outhouse wall surface on which you plan to install the pegboard. Reserve one wall for tall items such as rakes, shovels and pitchforks. Install the pegboard using wood screws onto the 2-by-4 frame of the outhouse. Insert the hooks in the pegboard, and then hang your garden tools. You can also add shelves for storage.

Step 2

Measure and trace with a pencil where on the outside of the outhouse you will mount the old window frame. Use your paints and brushes to paint an indoor scene on the outside wall of the outhouse where you traced the window. Paint the window frame as well.

Step 3

Secure the small solar-powered LED light inside the window by mounting it on the inside top of the window frame using hot glue. Drape the LED wire connector over the top of the window frame and let it hang on the outside of the window.

Step 4

Place the window frame on top of your artwork and secure it using wood screws. Run the LED wire up to the roof of your outhouse and install the small solar panel facing south, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Just like solar landscape light, the LED will turn on at dusk and light the inside of the window as well as the scene you painted behind it.

Step 5

Hang the wall-mounted planter under the window and plant your favorite flowers, such as geraniums, begonias or impatiens.

Step 6

Design a small garden around your outhouse using rocks and planting your favorite perennials. English ivy is great to grow on the walls of your outhouse and will stay green all year.

Step 7

Place the stepping stones 2 to 3 feet apart starting at the threshold of the outhouse door to create a path. Use the vinyl or pressure wood fencing to fence in your outhouse.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you have valuable tools in your outhouse, put a lock on the door. This is also a good security measure if you have children, to keep them away from accessing sharp or dangerous tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Outhouse
  • Pegboard
  • Wood screws
  • Assorted pegboard hooks
  • Old window
  • Wall-mounted planter
  • Small solar-powered LED light
  • Assorted art acrylic paints
  • Assorted art brushes
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Vinyl or treated wood fencing
  • Stepping stones
  • Assorted perennials
  • Rocks


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