How to Hang a Plant From the Ceiling


Hanging plants can brighten any room, but there are several things to take into consideration when deciding how to hang a plant from the ceiling: the type of ceiling; the weight of the plant; the amount of light the plant will receive in the designated space; and the type of care the plant will need. By putting a little thought into planning, hanging plants will thrive in your home.

Step 1

Research the type of plant that you want to hang. Learn what its light requirements are and what type of maintenance it will need.

Step 2

Select a location to hang your plant that will provide the proper requirements.

Step 3

Choose a hook that will work well in your location, according to the type of ceiling you have. Many ceilings have rafters spaced an equal distance apart, with nothing solid to screw a hook into, in between. For areas with no solid support, it is best to use the type of hook that has a butterfly anchor, which folds as you push it through a drilled hole and then opens to provide support once it is clear. For locations where rafters are located, a standard metal screw hook will work well. Press-on, adhesive hooks are not recommended because plants can get very heavy and are likely to fall if not supported properly.

Step 4

Pick a container for your plant that is lightweight. Heavy clay pots or ceramic pots are not recommended for hanging plants. Some plastic pots come with built-in hangers, or there are many yarn and macramé hangers that you can use to suspend a hanging plant. Wire baskets also work well in areas where water on the ground is not a problem, such as decks and patios.

Step 5

Secure the hook into the ceiling, following the instructions for the specific type of hook.

Step 6

Hang the potted plant from the hook and tug a little to be certain it will support the plant's weight. Water and care for your plant as necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant reference books
  • Drill (required only for butterfly anchor-type hooks)
  • Hook
  • Plant in pot or basket
  • Plant hanger or macramé hanger (optional)
  • Water


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