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Red fox geranium, Geranium robertianum, is also called herb Robert and Stinky Bob. The plant is a species of wild geranium that is endangered in some areas and an encroaching, noxious weed in others.


The red color that gave the plant the nickname red fox geranium is most vibrant when the plant grows in sunny areas that periodically become dry. When the plant grows in moist, shady areas, the leaves stay green through the summer.


This species of geranium got the nickname Stinky Bob because the crushed leaves give off a musky smell. If left intact, the plant does not have this odor.


In Washington state, the U.S. Department of Agriculture classified red fox geranium as a noxious weed. It is not native to the area and is encroaching on native species.


In Maryland, the red fox geranium is endangered. In Indiana, it is a threatened species.


Geranium robertianum has shallow roots and blooms with pink flowers, which have five petals each. The leaves are light green and the stems have brittle joints.


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