How to Plant Bulbs in an Earth Box


An EarthBox is a specialized container growing system. Sometimes referred to as a self-watering planter, the EarthBox is watered from beneath the soil via a reservoir. Vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants can all be grown in this container. It is especially well-suited to those with no ground space to plant their garden who desire an easy maintenance system to use. Flower bulbs, such as daffodils or tulips, planted in an EarthBox add spring color to patios and balconies.

Step 1

Place the plastic screen into the EarthBox, pushing it in all the way. Slide the watering tube into the hole punched in the screen for it.

Step 2

Fill corner cut-outs with moist soil-less potting mix. Use commercial mix or make your own by combining 1 part compost, 1 part peat moss and 1 part coarse sand.

Step 3

Water the soil in the cut-outs, then fill the rest of the box half full with moist mix. Water a second time to collapse any air pockets, then finish filling to the top of the box with the soil-less mix.

Step 4

Make a shallow furrow down the center of the soil lengthwise with your trowel. Pour 2 cups of bulb fertilizer into the furrow, then cover with a thin layer of the soil-less mix.

Step 5

Fill the water reservoir on the bottom of the box. Pour water into the watering tube until water comes out of the overflow hole in the side of the EarthBox.

Step 6

Place the plastic mulch cover on the box, black side facing up. Cut five X shapes into the cover on either side of the fertilizer strip using a sharp knife. Space the cut-outs equidistant apart.

Step 7

Pull up the flaps formed by each cut and plant your bulbs in the box to a depth twice their width. Plant them so the pointed side faces up, then refill the holes with soil. Lay the flaps back down once you are done planting.

Step 8

Fill the reservoir via the tube every one to two days to ensure there is enough water in the EarthBox. The bulbs will grow through the cut-outs in the plastic mulch.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not plant directly in the fertilizer strip, as this will burn the bulbs. Potting soil is too heavy for EarthBoxes, so only use soil-less mixes.

Things You'll Need

  • EarthBox kit
  • Soil-less potting mix
  • Bulb fertilizer
  • Knife
  • Bulbs


  • EarthBox: How To Plant An EarthBox
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