Cherry Tree Fruit Facts


Cherry trees grow all over northern latitude climates and are prized for their edible fruit and the floral display they put on in the springtime. The cherry tree is one of the most widely dispersed trees on the North American continent.


Cherries are members of the genus Prunus. Cherries are drupes, sometimes called stone fruit--a type of fruit in which a single, hard seed is covered by fleshy fruit.

Sweet Cherries

All sweet cherry cultivars are derived from Prunus avium, which is native to the areas between the Black and Caspian Seas. Commonly grown cultivars in the US include Bing, Napoleon, Ranier and Lambert.

Sour Cherries

Sour or tart cherries are cultivars of Prunus cerasus which originated in Iran and Turkmenistan. The most commonly grown in the US is Montmorency; and in Europe Schattenmorelle is most prevalent.

Wild Cherries

Several different types of wild cherries grow around the United States, including the choke cherry and the black cherry, but are not mass-produced as an agricultural crop. Many of these cherries are edible and are said to make great pie, jelly and wine.


Other than food crops, cherries make nice shade trees in a landscape. Many types have a bushy habit and produce suckers that develop into multiple trunks making them good for use as a windscreen.


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