Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Garden Areas

Lighting up your garden enhances the look of your home and creates a stunning design at night. Add lights within your favorite garden bed to showcase your flowers and their beautiful blooms. Watch the garden light up when the solar lights begin their twinkle and glow at dusk. For large shrubs and trees in and around your landscape, use a spotlight to create a focal point.

Solar Lights

Lighting your outdoor gardens with solar lights creates a magical and soft light at dusk and into the evening. Solar lights look especially nice along a garden walkway or nestled within a perennial garden. For garden walkways, line the walkway every 1 to 2 feet with solar lights, or randomly scatter the lights along the path. For garden beds, stick the lights in the front of the bed near low-growing plants so they still shine through the flower and plants. Under your favorite shade trees add a row of solar lights surrounding the base and around any ground covers or accent plants that grow under the tree.


Spotlights look especially lovely lighting up a large magnolia or oak tree or along a driveway lined with Bradford pear trees. Choose between a solar spotlight or one that requires an electrical outlet. Insert them into the ground so that the light shines onto the trunk of the tree and up through the vibrant green leaves. Depending upon the size of the tree, use two spotlights, one on each side to light up the tree. Spotlights also look magnificent when they line a driveway to light up shrubs and accent plants along the drive. Spotlights can also help light up the house and boost security to your home. Around the perimeter of your home, use spotlights to light up the front and back paths of your home or scatter them around bushes like a hydrangea to accent the large blooms as well as provide extra light.

Accent Lights

Under a vine-covered arbor or pergola, attach a string of outdoor lights inside the foliage and colorful blooms. Adding lights will beckon you outside to enjoy an evening meal with friends and family and will help to accent the lovely vines and flowers growing around the arbor. Go even further and twist the lights around the posts of the pergola. At night the pergola will sparkle and glow. A flower-covered trellis along a garden fence or outdoor garden wall is also the perfect area for adding a string of outdoor lights. Nestle the lights within the vines or flowers in the trellis to light the structure and create a focal point inside the garden. For an elegant and simple design, use white lights or for a colorful addition to the flower garden, use a string of multicolored lights.

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