How to Take Care of an Inside Bamboo Plant


Inside bamboo plants are touted as a houseplant that anyone can grow. While these plants are easy to keep alive, they do require care. You may spend more time on indoor bamboo plants than other houseplants to maintain the bamboo's optimal growing conditions. Once a plant has the perfect conditions, it thrives and grows quickly.

Step 1

Give your plant the right type of container. While any water-tight container will do, it's best to use a class or ceramic container. Plastic containers can leech toxins into your plant's water.

Step 2

Water with purified or distilled water. Don't use water straight from the sink. Tap water leaves chemical, mineral and salt build-up, which can destroy your plant's root system.

Step 3

Place your bamboo plants in indirect sunlight. Too much sun burns the plant, and too little makes it weak, thin and yellow.

Step 4

Change the water and clean your container every two weeks. Clean anchoring materials, such as the stones or gravel. They can harbor mold and bacteria, which slowly rots roots and can kill your bamboo.

Things You'll Need

  • Distilled water
  • Water-tight container
  • Anchoring material


  • Lucky Bamboo Shop: Lucky Bamboo Care Sheet
  • Lucky Bamboo - Dracaena sanderiana
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