Indoor Plant Gifts

The indoor plant lover on your shopping list will appreciate a gift that relates to her hobby. Whether she grows herbs, house plants or starter plants for the outdoor garden, a variety of gardening tools and supplies work well as gift ideas. Take inventory of the recipient's current gardening items to avoid buying her something she already has. If you're not sure how she will respond to a particular indoor plant gift, consider a gift card to a local nursery or home improvement store.

Plant Stands

A plant stand is a decorative accent for the indoor plant lover. A variety of styles are available to match any decor. A simple trivet-style stand raises a plant slightly off of a table surface, adding decoration to the area. Tall plant stands provide a location for plants when no table space is available. Shelves and hooks are another option for plant display. Choose a plant stand that matches the overall style of the recipient's home.

Self Waterers

Self watering tools simplify indoor plant care. Glass watering bulbs are relatively inexpensive and add a decorative touch to the plants. More basic self-watering probes offer another option for those who don't like the look of the glass bulbs. Yet another option is a self-watering container that gradually releases the water into the soil. All of these options let the plant lover ensure his indoor plants stay moist.

Grow Light

Grow lights come in a variety of styles, sizes and prices. These lights are ideal as a gift for a serious indoor gardener who grows lots of plants inside. Shelves with built-in grow lights are another option if you plan to spend more money on the gift. Consider the type of grow light that will work best for the recipient.

Gardening Journal

A plant-themed journal is an inexpensive gift for a plant lover who likes to track her growing. She can note the types of plants she grows, planting tricks she uses and soil conditions that work well. The indoor gardening journal creates a comprehensive record that can help her improve her indoor gardening methods. It's also a good way for the sentimental gardener to document her past projects.

Magazine Subscription

A subscription to a gardening magazine is an alternative option for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Ideas include "Fine Gardening," "The Herb Quarterly" or "Back Home Magazine." Consider the specific gardening interests of the recipient when selecting a magazine subscription. Make sure he doesn't already receive the magazine to avoid duplication.

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