Rose Center Piece Ideas

If the rose is the queen of flowers, a centerpiece is definitely one of the places where it belongs, in all its royal splendor. Whether roses stand alone in a centerpiece, or share the spotlight, all attention focuses on these flowers, which bring beauty and majesty to any occasion, and offer so many possibilities in the creative arts.

Tree Centerpiece

Create a Victorian-style holiday tree centerpiece with fresh pink- and cream-colored roses. Most craft stores sell a selection of miniature, artificial trees that make ideal centerpieces. Cut the stems of real roses very short (to about 2 inches) before fastening the roses to the tree branches. Green wire twists work well and can be tucked between the branches so that they do not show. For a treetop ornament, group several roses together in a posy and fit a doily frill round them. Add a few pink and cream glass ornaments in among the roses. Use pink and cream ribbon instead of tinsel for a softer effect. Decorate the tree just before the party so that the roses will look their best.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

Corsages and boutonnieres are always a gracious gesture of welcome for ladies and gentlemen attending a gala event, especially if the corsages and boutonnieres are fashioned from roses. Make each corsage and boutonniere a work of art with a different color theme, and inscribe each guest's name on a small slip of paper as part of the floral presentation. Arrange the corsages and boutonnieres in a decorative basket or on a clear glass platter at the center of the table. To keep the roses looking their best, mist them lightly before the party begins.

Fountain and Crown

A miniature round ceramic or resin fountain makes a charming centerpiece, with water cascading softly at the center. A circle of roses is an elegant addition to a fountain centerpiece. Use crafting wire to form a ring that rests on the rim of the fountain. Fasten cut roses onto the ring, using flowers of a single color or several colors, as suits the occasion. Consider attaching three or four wire prongs covered with roses to the ring, to create the image of a royal crown over the fountain. Intersperse crystal beads to add sparkle. Spotlight this centerpiece for a grand effect. The crown centerpiece works well on its own too, without a fountain.


Dazzling couture gowns are not exclusive to Paris. Create a custom-made gown of roses for a favorite doll that can serve as the centerpiece for a party when placed on a doll stand. Cut a piece of net to wrap around the doll based on the diameter and length of the doll's existing skirt, allowing ample extra length and width, Insert the 1-inch stems of cut roses through the net form and secure the stems on the underside with clear tape. Then fit the skirt form with its cascading roses, around the doll, and secure neatly with head pins.

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